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Richard Craster

Professor R.V. Craster is a professor of Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London.

Since October 2017 Richard is a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow and leads a research group that interacts with other academics in Engineering and Physics specialising in modeling. More recently, he was appointed Director of the CNRS-Imperial “Abraham de Moivre” Unité Mixte Internationale.

Up until October 2017, Richard was the head of the mathematics department at Imperial College London.

Professor Craster conducts research in the modelling of metamaterials, developing both numerical and asymptotic approaches to aid the design and optimization of devices.

He is a co-editor of two major books in the area of metamaterials, Acoustic Metamaterials (Springer-Verlag 2012) and the Handbook of Metamaterials properties and plasmonics (Vol. 2 World Scientific, 2017), and has broad interests  in wave propagation through structured media and scattering from rough surfaces. He is an associate editor of one of the main journals in the field, Wave Motion, and has co-authored over 200 research articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

In recent years, his work has involved the development of perfectly matched layers for elastic media to cope with negative group velocity, algorithms for the rapid evaluation of dispersion curves for multi-layered waveguides, fast techniques to calculate the effect of surface roughness in scattering from cracks, as well as research in metamaterials using sub-wavelength resonators to re-direct, mode convert, or focus waves.