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Panos Antonakakis

Panos is co-founder and CFO of Multiwave Technologies AG. He is also Chairman of the board of directors and President of Multiwave Innovation SAS, a subsidiary based in Marseille France.

Panos is an economist by training. He started his career at the World Trade Organisation (“WTO”) where he spearheaded efforts to unlock sub-Saharan Africa’s trade potential.  During his tenure at the WTO (2002-2010), he had the privilege to lead trade missions in more than 30 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and coordinated donors efforts alongside the World Bank, the IMF and UNDP  through a US$400 million technical assistance grant facility.

Following the WTO, Panos worked at a FTSE top 10 FMCG company in London, UK, where he established the company’s trade practice between 2010-2014 and represented the company at the US Chamber of Commerce.

While at the WTO and BAT, Panos served as Director of the WTO pension fund ($400 million AUM) and the UK BAT pension fund (£3 billion AUM) with responsibility for asset allocation.

Panos is a natural relationship builder. He successfully led Multiwave’s capital increases and maintains a significant network in the private equity, venture capital and industrial space.

Panos speaks French, English and Greek and is proficient in Spanish. He earned his BA and MA in Economics at McGill University and Concordia University, respectively.

Panos played Varsity Tennis and Soccer at McGill in consecutive years between 1996 and 2000. Outside his business interests, Panos is a keen tennis player, a downhill skier and runs marathons.