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Assimilate brings to market solutions applying IoT for retail and industry.

Our IoT for retail platform uses quantitative analysis and sensors to assist retailers decide what merchandise they place on display and to guide wholesalers' marketing strategies.

Our IoT for industry platform uses resonant particles together with electromagnetic sensors to ensure tagless traceability of objects.

Spun off from Multiwave Technologies AG in March 2018, Assimilate has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.


Tryfon Antonakakis, PhD

Co-founder & CEO


Tryfon is co-founder and CEO of Multiwave Technologies SA. He also serves as Chief Technology Officer leading the company's R&D portfolio.

Panos Antonakakis

Co-founder & CFO


Panos is co-founder and CFO of Multiwave Technologies AG. He is also Chairman of the board of directors and President of Multiwave Innovation SAS, a subsidiary based in Marseille France.

Core team

Michael Kefeder

Director of software engineering

Aris Lanaridis, PhD

Head of AI

Ivan Voznyuk, PhD

Head of computational physics unit

Gianfranco Andia, PhD

Head of IoT

Angelos Karageorgiou

Head of DevOps

Scientific advisory board

Richard Craster

Professor R.V. Craster is a professor of Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London.

Stefan Maier

Professor Maier is the Lee-Lucas Chair in Experimental Physics and head of the nanoplasmonics group in the Condensed Matter Physics Section at Imperial College London.

Stefan Enoch

Stefan Enoch is the Director of Institut Fresnel, a CNRS laboratory grouping 175 researchers in the field of electromagnetism and metamaterials, optics, signal processing and plasmonics.

Board of directors

Tryfon Antonakakis

Co-founder & CEO

Panos Antonakakis

Co-founder & CFO

Jacky Lam


Romain Afflelou