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Assimilate leverages data-driven solutions to help retailers grow their revenues.


We have developed proprietary technologies for data acquisition in the retail environment to level the playing field between physical retail and e-commerce. 

Our smart furniture with our embedded proprietary sensors allows physical retailers to acquire and analyse data such as try-ons and real-time inventory tracking, which were previously only available to e-commerce retailers.

We apply financial portfolio quantitative strategies to recommend optimal allocation of funds dedicated to purchasing for both physical and e-commerce retailers to maximise their revenues. Recommendations to a retailer include which SKU to order, how much of it to order and how much to put on sale as if retail products where financial assets in a portfolio.

Reducing carbon footprint in retail is not all about production and recycling. It is also about having the right tools in place to track inventory in real-time, to accurately predict demand in order to reduce volume of transport and size of stock held in inventory. Assimilate offers recommendations on how to manage “Reduce to Clear” SKUs to encourage sales while retaining as much margin as possible.

Our software will contribute to reducing carbon emission in retail and will allow retailers to reach the goals they have pledged.


Assimilate has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Board of directors

Tryfon Antonakakis, PhD



Tryfon is co-founder and CEO of Multiwave Technologies SA. He also serves as Chief Technology Officer leading the company's R&D portfolio.

Panos Antonakakis



Panos is co-founder and CFO of Multiwave Technologies AG. He is also Chairman of the board of directors and President of Multiwave Innovation SAS, a subsidiary based in Marseille France.

Core team

Angelos Karageorgiou

Head of DevOps